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Digital Reading Room

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3 / 3 is a full service provider; from digitizing originals to making them available online, our services cover every step of the way. With years of experience in digitizing documents and artworks.

we have extended our services to provide an online platform that allows for easy viewing, in a data secured environment and offering a high quality user experience for viewing and researching large and high resolution images. The website can handle numerous concurrent users without losing speed, making the overall experience smooth and responsive, even at low user bandwidth.


Specious Cabins
Focus on wanting an environment that allows for the use and growth of your established skills and qualities. Highlight your desire to work in a team-oriented workplace.
RO Drinking Water
Reverse Osmosis (RO) is a water treatment process that removes contaminants from water by using pressure to force water molecules through a semipermeable membrane.
Revolving Chairs
This type of chair has extra features such as adjustable seat height, back tension, headrest support, and more. Therefore, Wooden Street has commenced a range of office revolving chairs online with a variety of styles and countless comfort.
Seperate Space for Group Discussion
This forum provides a space for each separate group to communicate with fellow assigned group members. Each member of the group is required to participate.
CCTV Coverage
CCTV systems are often used to support comprehensive security systems by incorporating video coverage and security alarms for barriers, intrusion detection, and access control.
Individual Lockers
high (although there are exceptions), the height of individual lockers varies according to how many tiers are accommodated within the cabinet.
Laptops & Mobile Charging Points
portable charging systems for mobile devices ... I was grateful to have the opportunity to toss around ideas with likeminded ... such as laptops, tablets, and cell phones to become increasingly smaller, today's society
24/7 Power Backup
A highly secured servers and backup storages are backed by backup power services provided with utility service equipment's which includes UPS, Inverter
Seperate Lunch & Parking Area
we have separate area for take lunch and as well as parking space available at our office. at parking security is very high like cctv cemars and security person also available. by 24/7 hours.
Seperate Cabins For Ladies
actually we have specious cabins workplace for both gents and ladies. and also seperate cabins available for womens for those confortable purposes.
Provide ID Cards
Get professional Employee Photo ID cards online with company name & logo. Design, customize & print Employee ID card online on single side or both sides.The card design itself can also provide valuable information using colors and graphics. For instance, hospital ID cards often assign a specific color to different
Xerox, Scaning & Printing
Our Office provides xerox who are need to have xerox copy those are taken from in office itself. and also available scanning and printing are served by our office itself.